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Pre AP Art 1 » Sketchbook Assignments


Sketchbook – Each week you are going to be responsible for a sketch based on the following one word prompts. Each of these sketches will be based on direct observation (not from photographs or an image on your phone or other device), but may be taken to any degree of realism or abstraction that you see fit. While these are very basic instructions, you can and should always consider thinking outside of the box. The obvious answer is easy -- so please try to challenge yourself.  You may use Google or other search engines to research and get ideas, but DO NOT COPY.


Date the drawing and write the word at the bottom of the page. You are doing one sketch per week – in addition to the work you need to do for the class. These sketches should be done in your sketchbook. I expect you to make a strong effort with each sketch. Show them to Ms. Fallon for a Daily Grade by the due date on the class calendar.



1st Semester

Week #:

1. self-portrait

2. still life                                        

3. gesture drawing

4. one-point perspective

5. landscape

6. glasses and reflections

7. portrait of famous individual

8. cartoon

9. water

10. recreation of famous painting/drawing

11. still life

12. skeletal drawing

13. draw the idea of isolation

14. interior drawing of a very busy restaurant

15. apples and other fruit

16. portrait of loved one

17. two point perspective

18. favorite room in you home


2nd Semester

 Week #:

19. folded piece of cloth

20. 3 - 5 paper bags

21. still life with transparent objects

22. continuous line contour drawing

23. still life using only crosshatching lines (no use of chiaroscuro)

24. monochromatic abstraction (hard edged)

25. Fauvist based portrait

26. Expressionistic figurative drawing

27. architectural drawing

28. drawing of a contemporary sculptural work

29. drawing of an ancient Greek sculpture

30. Draw a self-portrait showing an obvious expression on your face

31. floral drawing or design

32. Research an artist of your choice and draw a version of one of their artworks

33. Use numbers and letters to create a design   click on this!

34. create a collage based on a social topic of your choice

35. cartoon

36. your choice

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