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Pre AP Art 2 » PAP/Art 2 Weekly Sketchbook Assignments

PAP Art 2

Sketch Book Assignments

Sketch book assignments are due the beginning of the following week.

Your sketchbook is a place for you to explore your ideas. Draw from life as much as possible. Really, really look at things. DO NOT TEAR YOUR PAGES OUT OF YOUR SKETCHBOOKS!  Refer to the RUBRIC to ensure your success.


  1. Create a postcard that will describe your summer vacation.  On the front create an image and on the back write a short note to a friend describing your summer vacation. Don’t forget the stamp!  Be sure to design a stamp that can accompany your postcard.
  2. Free assignment.  Create something you really like to draw.

  3. Find several magazine faces.   Cut these up and rearrange them.  Make a full color drawing or painting based on the reinterpretation of a face.  Look at works by Picasso for inspiration.

  4. Find a small desk lamp or other directed light source in your house. Set up a small still life. Include a cup with a handle and at least two other objects.(Try something different; use an action figure or an object that is meaningful to you.)
  5. Create a close-up nature study. Then do a drawing using nature that fills an entire page. Examples of what you can use are small plants, flowers, fruit, leaves, or bugs. Try to draw the image as if you are looking through a magnifying glass.
  6. Create a design for a mobile using found and natural objects that can be hung.   Remember a mobile requires balance; think about the weight of objects on each side of the mobile. You will be making this mobile in class.
  7. Create a paper weaving using watercolor.  First, paint sheets of paper with watercolor and then cut them into strips.  The strips may be no larger than one inch thick and eight inches long.  The strips will then be woven together to create a weaving. (Glue this into your sketchbook)   

  8. Design a car or create a model car that is futuristic.  Add elements to the car that you would find desirable in a car.  Use color and try drawing from a different perspective. 

  9. Design a dramatic dress, tuxedo, or costume for the actor of your favorite choice for the Academy Awards ceremony. Draw the outfit in color and don’t forget their accessories!

  10. Draw a collection of objects: toys, books, art supplies, cans or bottles, kitchen utensils, etc.

  11. Story Illustrations: Fix stories you don’t like. Improve or reflect on those you do. Color your illustration using the media of your choice.

  12. Draw Junk food and the wrapper

  13. Draw Part of a vehicle

  14. Draw Something unappealing --- something that makes you say "Euww gross!"

  15. Draw the Interior of something (a room, a box, a shoe, a peanut butter jar, mechanical object, etc.)

  16. Draw 3 objects that aren’t normally together

  17. Let someone else choose your subject or tell you what to draw.

  18. Draw the contents of a trash can

  19. Draw a house plant (real or artificial)

  20. Draw a pile or grouping of leaves

  21. Draw Tools that belong to a certain profession

  22. Draw an object melting

  23. Draw popcorn

  24. Draw a figure in an environment: In motion, Standing still, From observation

  25. Draw an imaginary place—add all kinds of details.

  26. Do Gesture drawings—people, things, animals

  27. Do Contour line drawings—figures or objects

  28. Do several studies of eyes, noses, and mouths in a variety of positions and poses.

  29. Draw yourself in 50 years.

  30. Draw An interesting object from 3 different views

  31. Make a drawing using two-point perspective

  32. Fill a page with overlapping shapes. Show where the light would come from and shade accordingly.

  33. Draw family members with things that are important to them.

  34. Draw the interior of your room—view from the floor, the bed, the ceiling looking down, etc.

  35. Study the forms, shapes, lines, and textures and colors of trees and draw them.

  36. Create a fantasy building in a fantasy landscape.


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