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» Week 8 - Concentration Ideas
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» Week 11- Ways of Creating Value
» Week 12- Uses of Value
» Week 13 - Value Used to Describe Light
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rawing - Depiction of shapes and forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines. Color and shading may be included. A major fine art technique in itself, drawing is the basis of all pictorial representation, and an early step in most art activities. Though an integral part of most painting, drawing is generally differentiated from painting by the dominance of line over mass.

The artist's choices of drawing media — tools and surface — tend to determine whether a drawing will be more or less linear or painterly in quality.

There are many sorts of drawing techniques, varying according to the effect the artist wants, and depending on whether the drawing is an end in itself — an independent and finished work of art -- or a preliminary to some other medium or form — although distinct from the final product, such drawings also have intrinsic artistic value. Preliminary drawings include various exercises (e.g., contour drawing, gesture drawing, figure drawing, drawing from the flat), as well as sketches and studies, cartoons and underdrawings.

Drawing has been highly appreciated since the Renaissance, greatly because it implies spontaneity — an embodiment of the artist's ideas. This spontaneous idea has always been used to particular advantage in caricature.

The invention of printmaking techniques in the fifteenth century made possible the duplication and dissemination of drawings, further establishing drawing as a definitive art form.

AP Studio Art is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art. AP studio art students submit in depth portfolios for evaluation at the end of the school year. The AP program is based on the premise that college-level material can be taught successfully to secondary school students. The instructional goals of the AP Studio Art program can be described as follows:
  •      Encourage creativity as well as systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues.
  •      Emphasize making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in informed and critical decision-making.
  •      Develop technical skills and familiarize students with the functions of the visual elements.
  •      Encourage students to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and critically to their culture through the making of art. AP courses address three major concerns that are constant in the teaching of art:
      1.  a sense of quality in the student's work;
      2.  the student’s concentration on a particular visual interest or problem; and
      3.  the student's need for breadth of experience in the formal, technical and expressive means of the artist.
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